Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Financial Lessons From Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti, also popular in India as the day of kites when the skies are painted with a host of colors due to the colored paper kites. Have you ever thought what this festival means for you in financial decisions? Let’s have a look:
Lesson Number 1: Get set for a flight:
Like during kite flying activity, you customize a kite and the string as per your abilities and set it to flight when wind is in your favor, similarly financial planning also requires careful planning and reviewing the plan as per your strengths and fly high when opportunities arise in the markets and the economy.
Lesson Number 2: Keep your eyes on your goal:
Being vigilant while kite flying help you rise up in the sky. It means you are never careless even for a second to get desired heights. Similarly, it is required that you keep your mind and eyes open to your long and short term goals, while planning your finances.
Lesson Number 3: Be flexible
While flying kites people shout out 'dheel de!' to their companions. It means when you are in the midst of a strong gust of wind you have to let go the string off and adapt to the situation. Similarly, when it comes to an investment climate, things are not always perfect. You have to be patient and sometimes bear some temporary losses, but never lose sight of your vision of meeting your financial goals.

These lessons would surely help your ability to look at financial planning with a new vision. Start today!! Try Now!! Fly High and grow rich!!

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